Does anyone still use libraries?

After having a recent conversation with a friend about the internet and social media, I was asked “does anyone still use libraries?” An interesting question I thought as information is so readily available on the internet, so I started to research the subject to find out the answer. I recall the library that I used to use as a child, it had about twelve rows of shelves separated into Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Libraries Today

I visited a library and I must admit it was a shock. The library was huge, full of all sorts of items for use in the library, and available to take home. There was only a few staff and I just knew that I was not going to be able to find anything, so I asked them how they coped. They told me that the library had a fantastic system called library solutions that made their life quite easy.

What are Library Solutions?

The staff were quite keen to tell me all about the system since it had just been incorporated in this library.

It turns out that Library solutions is a complex technology that is incorporated into the library controls all aspects and makes things simple. The items in the library have an electronic device within them that allows the system to recognize them. The systems allocate where they should be kept.

It also keeps track of them. Staff and members are able to log into the system that permits them to find items and records anything taken out of the library and when it is returned. To my surprise, this automated style of library solutions is not a one of it is spreading around the world. To answer my question yes the modern high-tech library is more popular than ever.