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How to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram: instructions and tips

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Everyone is talking about super results from Instagram, about incredible cases, the right interaction with the audience, a single visual style. Not so long ago, we created our own guide to selling on Instagram. It just doesn’t hurt to figure out how to get followers on Instagram: what to do in the beginning, how to get the first, treasured 1,000 readers.

In this material, we will address this issue as practically as possible and tell you:

about the concept and design of an Instagram account;

how to get followers on Instagram;

how to promote your account and increase the number of subscribers.

Brushing Your Account: What You Should Do BEFORE Attracting Subscribers

If you’re just planning to break into Instagram traffic, you need to think carefully about the concept, strategy and all sorts of little things that play a decisive role in practice.

10 quick steps to package your account

Step 1. Define your concept – what this account is about, what its usage is, how it differs from what’s already on the market, what your subscribers will get. Try to get the gist in a few words: “Landscape design blog”, “Sausage store director diary”, “Legal advice to the finger.”

Step 2. Make a clear, catchy name. It is desirable that it contains some key phrases that will make them search for you.

Step 3. Add a call to the description for the benefit and benefit of the audience: why it is worth subscribing or following the link indicated in the profile.

Step 4. If you don’t have a website, you can post a link to the messenger, a page to sign up for an email newsletter, or create a whole host of links through services like Linktree.

Step 5. Create an original, readable avatar. Live photo, display of a product, service, sphere symbol or own sign. Keep in mind that it will be quite small, the inscriptions and signatures are difficult to see.

Step 6. Use Stories Highlights to create your navigation: latest collections, information about you, reviews, shipping, how to pay, customers with your products, etc.

Step 7. Make 9-12 first posts, in the first posts you can tell about yourself, your brand, your account idea. Not only does this help get followers on your Instagram account, but they also become supporters, future advocates of the brand.

Step 8. Find 5-10 competitor accounts, analyze the profiles of people leaving comments. What topics they are interested in, what kind of people they are, what requests they may have. It is enough to write a key phrase or a hashtag like “child photographer”. You see the best posts, pay attention to the number of comments, engagement.

Step 9. Make a content plan for the next 1-3 months so as not to experience a lack of inspiration. Think carefully about your topics, but feel free to adapt them to the needs of your audience.

Step 10. Sync your account with other social networks, especially Facebook. Make sure you have a phone connected, two-factor authentication, sync with your contact list. This will be necessary for future magical actions to attract subscribers to Instagram.

Did you fix it, do it, set the tasks? Cool, now let’s move on to actively attracting subscribers.

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