If you are temporarily working in the Netherlands as a foreign employee, you need to take out health insurance. This health insurance NL makes sure you can receive care when you need it. One of the choices you have to make, is which insurance company to pick. If you choose HollandZorg, you choose an independent health insurer that is specialized in health insurance for foreigners who come to the Netherlands to work. At HollandZorg, you can expect multilingual service, high-quality support and additional reimbursements. Many employers in the Netherlands work with HollandZorg, because we offer a good health insurance.

Healthcare allowance to help you with the costs of healthcare

In the Netherlands, our government offers an allowance to help you pay for the health insurance Netherlands. If you come here to work, you can apply for a healthcare allowance at the Dutch tax office. How much you will get depends on your income. You can get a healthcare allowance:

  • if you’re at least 18 years old;
  • if you have a low or middle income;
  • if you have a residence permit or are a resident of the European Union;
  • if you work or are on benefits in the Netherlands. 

If you are insured through your employer, he or she can apply for the healthcare allowance for you. We developed an online portal in which this is possible.

Are you interested in the health insurance policies for migrant workers from HollandZorg? Our customer service staff will answer all of your questions and requests. Call us at +31 (0)570 687 123, fill out the online contact form or stop by our office in the city of Deventer.