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Botox injectables The Hague

Are you looking for a reliable address for Botox in The Hague? A clinic that is leading and specialized in Botox treatments is Van Lennep Kliniek. All specialists working at Van Lennep Kliniek are KNMG cosmetic doctors, NVCG certified and in possession of extensive experience.

When muscles in the face start to contract, fine lines or wrinkles can develop. This will make you look a little older. To reduce muscle activity and rejuvenate your appearance you can choose for a treatment with the injectable Botox. A treatment with Botox is not painful. If you still find the sensation of the pricks annoying, you can opt for an anaesthetic.

Eye for detail and the overall picture

At Van Lennep Kliniek we find it very important to achieve the best results. That’s why we don’t just look at the wrinkles but at your whole face. Sometimes the result will be more beautiful if several zones are treated. You will always be extensively informed about the different possibilities.

The first appointment with us is always an intake. This is a free conversation without any obligation. All your wishes will be discussed and the cosmetic doctor will draw up a treatment plan. A treatment with Botox will be done for wrinkles, migraines and sweating. 

Wrinkles treated with Botox or fillers

If you are regularly told by people that you look angry or strict, it may be because of frown lines on your forehead. Do you find these frown lines annoying and would you like to have something done about it? Also then you are at the right address at Van Lennep Kliniek. We treat frown lines using Botox injectables, fillers or sometimes a combination of different methods.

You can always make an appointment with us without obligation. Van Lennep Kliniek has 2 locations in The Hague and 1 location in Oegstgeest. Do you have a question? You can contact us by phone on 070-737 00 88. You can also always send an e-mail to Info@ vanlennepkliniek. nl.

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