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5 things to do in Benidorm for your next vacation that you can never miss

If you want to visit Spain for your next vacation it is very likely that you will visit Benidorm. There are many things you can do at Benidorm as it is also considered as the best location for tourists to visit in Spain. You can get various recommendations from the locals as well.

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5 best things you should never miss at Benidorm

There are many things that will keep you engaged in Benidorm. It is also very easy to rent a car because the car rental is easily available. Let’s discuss some of the most important and popular things you should do at this place whenever you visit on your next vacation.

1.      Terra Natura

It is a theme park with a lot of animals and wildlife. If you have a love for animals especially the ones that are not easily available at all locations you should definitely visit this theme park. There are many areas to explore in the theme park with different cultures.

You will also find many animals representing different species that have a unique combination all blended at one place. If you are into wildlife and animals it is important to visit this place during your stay.

2.      Algar Waterfalls and Guadalest

If you have a love for waterfalls this is the best place you should visit because it is at a certain height. It is overall a natural location that you should not miss if you are staying at Benidorm.

You can have a look at the beautiful and gigantic mountains which are also worth capturing and saving for a lifetime. This will help you in making memories that are going to last forever especially if you are a nature lover.

3.      Mundomar

This word means love for the Sea. This is the best location for children and adults because it has a lot of marine life and activities to perform. It also provides the opportunity for water sport activities as you can swim with the sea lions and also play with the dolphins. The security and management have taken care of the safety of your children which is why you should not worry about any harm to them.

4.      Benidorm Bike Tour

If you are into adventure and thrill this bike tour is most recommended during your stay at Benidorm. It is a 30 km ride which you will remember for your entire life because it is so much fun and thrilling.

 It is a Downhill ride which means it will be controlled by gravity and you will experience proper speed and thrill. However, you have to keep in mind that you should be experienced enough to take a bike tour.

5.      Playa de Poniente Beach

This is a famous beach where you can swim and indulge in other water sport activities. You can also spend your entire day at the beach without doing anything to get recharged for your daily life activities.


Benidorm Is a beautiful place with a lot of activities and opportunities to explore for the tourists. There are various activities some of which are discussed in detail within the given text.

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