Are you a transporting company looking for a high-quality truck to expand your truck fleet? Then DAF might be the first truck brand that comes to mind. Their vehicles are known for their sturdy power, small write-downs per fiscal year and high loading capacity. They are the ideal ‘partner’ for every transporting company, whether you do short-range deliveries or worldwide shipments.

Are you going to buy a new or a used DAF truck?

The extensive fleet of DAF trucks that are for sale over at Francken & Wagensveld in Nieuwerburg (the Netherlands) is a mix of new and used trucks. DAF trucks retain their value thanks to the high-quality parts that are being used in the production process. This is the main reason why you should not carelessly spend all your money on one of the new DAF trucks that are for sale, as the occasions are just as qualitative most of the time. To guarantee you buy a decent high-quality DAF truck, qualified mechanics always audit the DAF trucks that go for sale. In this way, you receive a good as new DAF truck for a very beneficial price. Are you looking for more than just high quality? Then you should take a look at the DAF CF series – these trucks have the lowest fuel consumption in their range, accompanied with a higher load capacity. These trucks are not only beneficial for your company, but for the environment as well!

Get all your questions about DAF trucks answered

Are you looking for the best DAF trucks for sale and do you have any questions regarding the trucks at Francken & Wagensveld? Then do not hesitate to contact these professionals and get an answer to all of your questions! You can find the contact information on their website. In addition, you can find spare parts from DAF there as well.